SUP Newsletter Upper Snake River Valley Chapter Pioneer Fireside held on July 22, 2018

Following the beautiful prelude music by Sylvia Walker, SUP Chapter President Ken Hart welcomed 283 people to the Sons of Utah Pioneer annual 24th of July Pioneer Fireside. The theme of this year’s fireside was “Our Pioneer and Pioneering Farmers and Ranchers.”

The opening hymn was #36, “They the Builders of the Nations” with Carol Ladle as the Chorister and Sylvia Walker as the Organist. The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Dan Porter and the Opening Prayer was offered by Bill Eckersell.

Doug Ladle, President-Elect introduced the program for the evening, which consisted of:

A Musical Number “Shenandoah”, arranged by Patrick M. Leibergen, was sung by David Hinck, who was accompanied by his wife, Julie Hinck

First Speaker was Lowell Parkinson, who spoke on the topic of “Who Were the Pioneer Ranchers and Farmers of Madison County?”

Second Speaker was Merle Jeppesen, who spoke on the topic of “Pioneer Values for Successful Ranches, Farms, and Families.”

Stories of the frontier were scary, heart warming and sometimes funny; filled with love and hope. The strength of those settlers gave us the heritage that the valley has today. The hardships of those men and women were a testament of faith and dedication that strive to pass on to our posterity.

Closing Song was #255, “Carry On” and the Closing Prayer was offered by

F. Martell Grover, SUP Area Vice President.

Refreshments of cold chocolate milk and cookies were served in the Cultural Hall.

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