SUP Newsletter Upper Snake River Valley Chapter June 2018

President Ken Hart welcomed 42 SUP members, spouses of SUP members and guests.
After the opening prayer by Janet Timothy, the pledge of allegiance was led by Lee Workman.

Christian Hinckley, a master of several instruments, played a beautiful piano number. Following the musical number there was a nice meal consisting of sloppy joes, green salad, potato chips with cake and ice cream provided by F. Martell and Carlene Grover and their committee.

Ken Hart recognized birthdays and anniversaries.

Louis Clements reviewed the history of the Porter Park in Rexburg which was established in 1883 and set apart as a park (town square). The east half of the block was planted in grass, trees, and flowers in the early 1930’s by then Mayor, Arthur Porter. It was known for many years as the City Park until it was later renamed Porter Park.
Ten days before 4 July 1952, Rexburg found itself without a carnival for the holiday festivities. An amusement park outside of Ogden was going out of business and advertised a carousel for sale. Rexburg Chamber of Commerce members and the community raised $5,000 to purchase the carousel. Two large trucks were driven to Ogden where men numbered the pieces as the carousel was taken apart. The carousel was in place for the Fourth of July celebration. The carousel was located in the southwest corner of Porter Park and is still there and serves the public well.
Because of he extensive damage caused when the Teton Dam broke it was necessary to refurbish the park and with community support this was accomplished.

President Hart introduced Ron Hammond, the speaker for the evening. He and his wife were on a Humanitarian mission in Jordan. He served with the LDS Charities and because of a need for them to continue they were there for three years.
He indicated that through the LDS Charities the Church provided wheel chairs for the people. It was important for each wheel chair to be designed specifically for the person that was going to use it. He stressed that the Church also provides wells for water and other things. Because of what the LDS Charities have done it is well known and respected throughout the Country of Jordan.

He told us that there were three branches of the Church in Jordan and two of them have native leaders. Ammon, Jordan, is a district by itself. He emphasized that those who are Muslims cannot attend meetings because of the danger to them if they do. He emphasized that by nature Muslims are a peaceful people, not terrorists. His talk was extremely interesting and enjoyed by all.

The door prize was won by Doug Ladle and the closing prayer was offered by Gordon Timothy.

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