SUP Newsletter Upper Snake River Valley 15 Nov 2018

Following the beautiful prelude music by Sylvia Walker, SUP Chapter President Ken Hart welcomed 57 people to the Sons of Utah Pioneer monthly meeting. Included were eight guests: Aaron Whittier, Eric and Kristine Sorenson, Tom and Ann Gallop, Jesse Brown and Sylvia Walker.

The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Doug Conway and the Opening Prayer was offered by Carlene Grover. The Opening Song was “We Gather Together” with Sylvia Walker as the pianist and Carol Ladle as the Leader. It was a Beautiful reminder of the Thanksgiving Season.

F. Martell Grover, chairman of Foods Committee, directed us to a meal of turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, stuffing, beans, hard rolls, cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie with whipped cream. Following the meal Doug Ladle recognized the birthdays and anniversaries.

F. Martell Grover, Area Vice President, showed us two medallions, one from the SUP and one from the United States Army, that can be placed on a person’s grave headstone. The SUP medallion costs $37.00 and he would be able to order one for whomever would like it.

Louis Clements spoke about the history of Thanksgiving including a chronology of when it began, thru each stage of its progression and how it is today. The first was 1621 until today the President of the United States is by law required to authorize it each year.

President Ken Hart was the speaker for the evening and gave us a thorough coverage of

the Utah War and what took place during the time that it occurred. It began on 24 July 1857 with the word that a Union Army was on the way to Salt Lake City. The reason why no one in Utah knew. The reaction of the members of the Church was to harass the army, but take no lives. The Saints were willing to leave their homes and even burn them if necessary rather than “the enemy” take away their homes again – as in Missouri and Illinois. In the end Lt Col Kane brought his troops through Salt Lake City without stopping and took them some forty miles away from the city where they bivouacked.

Dee Risenmay and Ken Hart drew the winning numbers for the Door Prize and Barbara Conway won. The prize was a copy of “Campfire Treks”.

The Closing Prayer was offered by F. Martell Grover

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