SUP Newsletter Upper Snake River Valley18 October 2018

Following the beautiful prelude music by Sylvia Walker, SUP Chapter President Ken Hart welcomed 55 people to the Sons of Utah Pioneer monthly meeting.

The Pledge of Allegiance was led by the Rexburg ‘Veteran’s of Foreign Wars” organization and the Opening Prayer was offered by Max W. Brown. Sister Sylvia Walker then played a medley of Patriotic songs. They were very stirring and well done.

F. Martell Grover directed us to a delightsome meal consisting of beef stew, corn bread, tossed salad and cake with ice cream.

Following the meal Doug Ladle recognized the birthdays (there were no anniversaries). and visitors, which were Willis Cartwright and Joe Law.

Ronald Gibb directed the process of electing new officials for next year. The three needed are President Elect, Secretary and Treasurer. Those being presented for consideration were Steve Parkinson as President Elect, Gordon Williams as Secretary and Ronald Gibb as Treasurer. The President for next year will be Douglas Ladle, who was elected last year as President Elect. A vote was held and the result was a unanimous vote for those presented.

F. Martell Grover, Area Vice President, told us that on 27 Oct the National SUP would sponsor a training meeting at 9:30 A.M. in the Rexburg East Ward meeting building. This is by the new Super six motel. Those invited to attend are the newly elected officers, Committee Chairmen and any others who would like to attend.

President Hart introduced the speaker, Harvy Jackman, who spoke on the “Great War”. It wasn’t referred to as WW1 until after 1939. He highlighted a number of events that occurred during the War. He mentioned that in 1914 members of the two enemy forces joined together in singing Christmas Carols with some even playing soccor together. The commanders of both sides told their soldiers that if that happened again those who participated would be shot. He talked about the effect of “mustard gas” on the soldiers. He reminded us that, after the war, poppies were sold each year in remembrance of it. He said that the participants in WW1 were called the “Lost Generation” because so many men lost their lives in combat. While WWII participants were called “the Greatest Generation”. His talk was very informative and helped us understand a lot of the more unknown aspects of the war.

Dee Risenmay and Ken Hart drew the winning numbers for the Door Prize and DonnaParkinson won. The prize was a copy of “Campfire Treks”.

The Closing Prayer was offered by Donna Parkinson

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