BARNEY,  Lee & Joan


Born in Victor, Idaho   Married:  Kay C. Sessions, who was born in Victor, Idaho.  Schools:  Reton High School; Ricks College, Rexburg, Idaho and BYU, Provo, Utah.  Profession:  Business, Biological Fertilizer, Ancestery include Boyle, Patton, Drake and Bowes from England and Ireland. SUP member since 2007.



BOYLE, Barry & Kay


Born  Victor, Idaho .  Married Moana Korth born  Brigham City, Utah.  Schools BS Pharmacy Idaho State University. Service, Ward Mission Leader, Temple Ordinance Worker. Ancestral Lines England.  Life’s work: Pharmacist, Mayor of City of Rexburg, Idaho,  SUP member since 1996. Chapter President 2002.




BOYLE, Nile & Moana



Born  Rigby, ID .  Married Jean LaRue Clark, born  Redwood City, CA .  Schools Rigby High School, BS Ricks College, MS BYU, Religious Education.  Military 1943 U.S. Marine Corps. Asst to Division Chaplain. Iwo Jima Survivor.  One of first Americans to enter Nagasaki after the bomb.  The fires were still burning.  After war Missionary Western States (Mission Sec’y and Counselor to Mission President.  Taught Seminary Sugar City, Rigby, Institute Weber State, Ogden, Utah & Laramie Wyoming & Religion BYU & Ricks

College.  Many callings in LDS Church.



BROWN, Kenneth (Jean)


Born  Idaho Falls, Idaho.  Married Hettie Burks, born Santa Maria, Calif,  Schools BS Ricks College, MS USU. Service Home Teacher, Bishop, Branch President, High Council, Exec Secy Area Presidency, Temple Officiator, Missionary by self and with wife.  Ancestry England, Brown, Arkinson, Hales, Crosby,, Clifford & Campbell.  SUP member since 2007



BROWN, Max & Hettie










BUNNELL, Steve & Judy










CLEMENTS, Louis & Diane









COATES, Lawrence & Colleen











CONWAY, Bill & Barbara


CONWAY, Doug & Bonnie









COX, Robert & Doris

Born  Rexburg, ID .  Married Irene Hiatt.  Born  Salem, OR..  Schools Madison HS, Ricks College, BYKU.  Service Mission to Netherlands, High Priest Gp Insdtsrkuctor, Execu Secy to Bishop, Temple Ordinance worker, Ancestors Eckersell, McPhail, Kinghorn, Campbell, British Isles – England & Scotland. SUP member since 2003.  Chapter President 2008.





ECKERSELL, Bill & Irene


Born Rosemary, Alberta, Canada . Married Kathleen O’Rullian, born  Salt Lake City, Utah.  Schools Graduated from Ricks College. Service Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts on the Local, District & Council levels,.  Missionary in Canadian mission with President Thomas S. Monson, Stake Seventy President, Bishop’s Councilor, High Priest’s Group Leader in three different wards & as a Temple Ordinance worker.  SUP member since 2005.  SUP Chapter President 2011





GIBB, Ron & Kathy


GLENN, Jerry



GRANT, Todd & Rosella

Born , Rexburg, Madison, ID.  Married Gayle Wood (died 21 Feb 1997) born:, Tacoma, Washington, to James Wood & Florence.  Married Carlene Hodson, born Bimwar City, Utah.  Ancestors: Thomas Grover, Thomas E. Ricks.  Schools Madison HS 1994, Ricks College 1972, WOSTEP 1968.  Service, Mission East Central States 1965-67, Temple Ordinance worker.  SUP member since 1994, Life Member, SUP Chapter President 2007.





F. Martell & Carlene Grover


Ken and Francine met while he was doing graduate work at BYU-Provo.  She was teaching special Special Ed at Murray, Utah.  Francine has a  special love for family history research and Temple work. Ken also participates in these endeavors.  In addition he loves Pickleball, does Mittleider gardening, helps at the Senior Center.  Ken taught accounting at BYU-Idaho for many years.




HART, Ken and Francine


JACKMAN, Harvy (Bonnie)



JENSEN, George Conard & Martha


Born Rexburg, Madison, ID, Married Carol Ann Davis, 29 Jan 1971, Idaho Falls, Id.  Children Jonathan, Jennifer, Julianne, Jamie, Joshua, and Joy.  Education Assoc of Arts, Ricks College, 1, BS, BYU , , ME, BYU ,, PHD Education, BYU,  Work CES, Seminary and Institute, ,, BYU Independent Study Dept,  BYU Religion Dept , Retired 2010, Business:  The Connections games, LLC. Games “Roots and Branches” and “Did You Know?”  Church:  Bishop Rexburg 4th & Crestview Wards 1985-1991, 2nd Couns Ricks College 1st Stake Pres.  Pres BYU Idaho 2nd Stake,  HP Gp Leader, Mission to South Africa Cape Town mission,  Scotland Ireland mission.




LADLE, Doug & Carol



MEADER, Prudence











PARKINSON, Steve & Donalyn

Born Santa Monica, Calif.  Married Dorene. Schools Lincoln High School (Sacramento, Calif), Sierra Jr College (Two Assoc Degrees). Service LDS Texas North Mission, Temple Ordinance worker (6), BSA Scout camp near Stanley, ID., Scoutmaster, Cub Master, Sunday School Teacher, Elder’s Quorum Counselor, Young Men’s President, Bishop’s counselor, High Council (2), Family History consultant, Priesthood quorum and Group class instructor.  Life’s work Calif Law Enforcement (27 Years), BYUI (8 yrs) SUP since 20 Oct 2009,  SUP Chapter President 2012.




PORTER, Daniel & Dorene












PYLE, Robert & Pam


Born Tien-Tsin, China, Ferdinand Ernest Felicien Quarez and Gerda Overin.  Married Nancy Burn, born 2 Aug 1938, Los Angeles, California, James E. Burns and Georgia Lacey.  Schools UC San Francisco.  Service: Home Teacher, Temple Ordinance worker, Mission President.  Ancestry Line:  Belgium and Russia.  SUP member since 2005, Secretary 2008





QUAREZ, George & Nancy



RISENMAY, Dee (Emma Jean)












SANDERS, Jerry & Lynette


Born:  Hayden, Utah, .  Married:  Marie Blanchard, born  in Chester, Idaho.  Ancestry Line:  England, Canada, Denmark.  School:  University of Wisconsin, Life’s work:  Finance &U Audits at University of Wisconsin.  SUP member since 2006






SEELEY, Dwayne & Marie





THOMPSON’, Lyle & Barbara



TIMOTHY, Alma (Wendy)


Born:  Price, Carbon, Utah .  Married:  Janet Hunter, born  Rexburg, ID .  Ser vice:  Ward offices:  Sunday School, Clerk, Music Director, Choir Director, Bishop and Bishop’s Counselor.  Stake High Council, Name Indexing, Temple ordinance worker.  Ancestry line:  Wales, England, Scotland, Norway, France, Germany.  SUP member since 2005.  SUP Chapter President 2009.







TIMOTHY, Gordon & Janet



Born Boise, Ada, Idaho (Same hospital and room that my mother was born in, St Alphons Hospital)  Joan Garrard.  Raised in Bear Lake Valley.  School:  Bear Lake Valley HS, Ricks College, BYU Idaho, Idaho State University, Academy of Health Sciences (Ft Sam Houston, Texas), Ft Polk, Louisiana, Ft Sill, Oklahoma, Ft Benning, Georgia, Ft Knox, Kentucky, Ft Watchuka, Arizona, St Belevore, Virginia, US Command & General Staff College.  Served in numerous staff positions as a commissioned officer.  Commander of Pocatello, Idaho National Guard unit for 5 years.  Life’s work:  Auto Mechanic, Master Carpenter & Military.  Loved to hunt and fish and do genealogical research.  SUP member since 2013.  SUP Chapter President 2016.





WILDE, Alton & Paula













WILLIAMS, Gordon & Cheryl


Born Murray, Utah.  Married:  Myrna LaRue Walker in 1973.  We had two children and she passed away in 1977.  I married Carol Holyoak with three children in 1979.  She passed away in 2014.  I was raised in South Jordan, Utah, on a 40 acre farm.  School:  Jordan High School in Sandy, Utah, BYU 1963 and received my commission as an officer in the Air Force in 1963.  I returned to BYU in 1967 and received my Master’s Degree in Accounting.  Service:  Missionary in the Southern Australian Mission and Hong Kong (2008-2009) with wife.  Life’s work:  Auditor until 1976 and Director of Accounting for Ricks College and later BYUI.  I retired in 007.  SUP member since 13 Oct 2014;.