National Organization

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    1.   Come to know our fathers, and turn our hearts to them.
     2.   Preserve the memory and heritage of the early pioneers of the Utah and the western U.S.
     3.   Honor present-day pioneers worldwide who exemplify these same qualities of character.
     4.   Teach these same qualities to the youth who will be tomorrow’s pioneers.


Membership in the SUP is open to all good men of every age and circumstance who have an
interest in the early Utah Pioneers.  It is not necessary to have Pioneer ancestry.  You will join
with others who wish to honor these early builders of the West, to perpetuate their memory and
to preserve their heritage for our own posterity.


In 1900, Senator Reed Smoot made the first attempts to initiate the concept of
The Sons of Utah Pioneers, Parley P. Jenson tried again in 1910.  Neither attempt was
successful, but these efforts kept the idea alive.  In 1928, the forerunner to the
George Albert Smith Chapter, called “The Sons, was organized in Provo.
Utah.  The Sons of Utah Pioneers was officially organized on March 29, 1933, as a
state and local organization in  small office. The Constitution and Bylaws of the
organization were published in 1934 and Lawrence T. Epperson of Salt Lake City,
Utah became the first president.
The Sons of Utah Pioneers is now recognized as a venerable and respected  contributor
to the preservation of Pioneer history.  Organized chapters are now found in Utah, Idaho,
Arizona, California, Pennsylvania and Washington D.C.