Contact and Officers for 2018

Please contact one of the following if you have any questions regarding the Upper Snake River Valley Chapter of the Sons of the Utah Pioneers

F. Martell Grover, Area Vice President (208) 356-6085

Ken Hart, President (208) 881-5772

Doug Ladle, President Elect (208) 419-2376

Ron Gibb, Treasurer (208) 356-3703

Max W. Brown, Secretary (208) 403-0115

Dan Porter, Membership Chairman (208) 356-3440



Back row, left to right:  Max W Brown Secretary, Louis Clements Historical Society, Dan Porter Membership ,
Ron Gibb Treasurer, Dewey Furness Calling Committee, Bill Eckersell Monuments & Memorials,
Dee Risenmay, name tags
Front row, left to right:  Ken Hart President, Doug Ladle President Elect, F. Martell Grover Area Vice President,
Harvy Jackman, Statistician