A Brief Sketch of Chartering Of the Upper Snake River Valley Chaper of the Sons of Utah Pioneers November 1992

As compiled by Kay Wilkins Fall 2000

This brief sketch centers around the first organizational chapter meetings as recorded in the minutes of the organization by Dean Grover, first chapter secretary.

Organization of the Upper Snake River Valley chapter of the Sons of Utah Pioneers

The organizational meeting took place on November 12, 1992. National president, Morris Bennion of Salt Lake City, attended the meeting and officially chartered the chapter. The Rexburg chapter was sponsored by the Eagle Rock Chapter located in Idaho Falls. That chapter was represented by Harold Forbush.

There were fifteen charter members. They included the following elected officers: Norman Ricks, President, Jerry L. Glenn, President-Elect, Dean R. Grover, Secretary, and Harold D. Stoddard, as Treasurer. Other initial board members included Rueland Ward, Dean Ricks, Don R. Mikesell, and Blair Rich. Other charter members were Leigh Chantrill, Elmo Jeppesen, Larry E. Hibbert, Kurt Hibbert, Mark G. Ricks, Bernard Prows and Carl K. Rasmussen. The chapter had its first official dinner meeting on January 13, 1993, at the Madison District Library in Rexburg, with Jerry Glenn giving a slide presentation entitled, “along the Mormon Trail,” tracing the path of the LDS Church from New York state to Utah. The Purpose of the organization is to honor the pioneers, mark historic places and better the community. Membership at that time required a person to trace their ancestors to settlers in Utah prior to 1969. That requirement has since been adjusted so that anyone interested in the goaals of the organization may join.


Photo taken at chartering meeting- November 1992

Left to right front row: Morris Bennion, Karlo Mustonen, Leigh Chantrill, Harold Forcush, Harold Stoddard, Norman Ricks, Dean Grover, and unknown.

Back Row: Rueland Ward, Carl Kay Rasmussen, Dean Ricks, unknown, Blair Rich, Don Mikesell, Kurt Hibbert, Larry E. Hibbert, and Jerry Glenn.

Past Presidents and Current President of the Upper Snake River Valley Chapter of Sons of Utah Pioneers

In order as of 1 Jan 2017


NO. Name Began Service Ended Service
1 RICKS, Norman Nov 92 Dec 93
2 WARD, Rueland Jan 94 Jun 95
3 GLENN, Jerry Jun 95 Jun 96
4 GROVER, Loren Jul 96 Dec 97
5 RICKS, Mark Jan 98 May 98
6 WILKINS, Kay May 98 Dec 99
7 RISENMAY, Dee Jan 00 Dec 00
8 CAZIER, Gail Jan 01 Dec 01
9 BOYLE, Nile Jan 02 Dec 02
10 CASE, Garrett Jan 03 Dec 03
11 CLARK, Alan Jan 04 Dec 04
12 HARMON, Phil Jan 05 Dec 05
13 JACKMAN, Harvy Jan 06 Dec 06
14 GROVER, Martell Jan 07 Dec 07
15 ECKERSELL, Bill Jan 08 Dec 08
16 TIMOTHY, Gordon Jan 09 Dec 09
17 SMITH, Lynn Jan 10 Dec 10
18 GIBB, Ron Jan 11 Dec 11
19 Porter, Dan Jan 12 Dec 12
20 HUTCHINGS, Steve Jan 13 Dec 13
21 THOMPSON, Lyle Jan 14 Dec 14
22 BROWN, Max W. Jan 15 Dec 15
23 WILDE, Alton Jan 16 Dec 16
24 GROVER, Martell Jan 17 Dec 17
25 HART, Ken (President Elect 2018) Fax Jan 18 Dec 18