Madison School District

Bair He was just a teacher that was very helpful in teaching life skills and what not.
Bair Jason He was really good with everyone in his class
Baker Marilyn Made me feel so important. Loved her. She gave me so much confidence.
Barton David Mr. B taught me how to listen to others and be humble. I’ll always remember a few phrases that he said: “Don’t ever deliberately make a mistake” and “Talk softly and carry a big stick. He is the reason I came to love writing music and he encouraged me by challenging me to write a piece for band. By now I have written two that have been performed and will be conducting another. He no longer works at the school district but I have continued to apply the lessons he taught me years ago in band.
Barton Hal He stood up for us, or at least didn’t kill us, when some of the class of 1965 painted the big R on the Menan Butte to look like SR ’65 3 days before graduation.
Barton Hall Mr. Barton motivated and inspired and taught music to many and was always glad to reminisce over the years.
Barton Hal Hal Barton was my inspiration to learn instrumental music and to teach music. Here I am teaching music lessons 60 years after I first picked up the trombone. He got me through my first trombone solo and was there when I did a trumpet solo for a tv show. He got me started on saxophone and helped me with sheet music for our dance band in high school. He inspired me to say, that’s what I want to do for my profession.
Barton Colleen Mrs. Barton taught me how to think; how to analyze; how to discuss; delve into the depths of reading; and write a killer essay. I have used these skills every day of my life since. She was demanding but had a very quick wit and a sly sense of humor. I looked forward to her class every day.
Barzee Ellen Mrs. Barzee not only taught me lasting lessons, but she also inspired in me a set of morals and values that have determined the course of my life. She was an great example of right and wrong to my highly impressionable mind. Also she showed me how fun learning can be. This has been a huge blessing in my life. Mrs. Barzee was a wonderful Kindergarden teacher, and I’ll forever be grateful for her great kindness.
Barzee Ellen I moved to Idaho during Kindergarten and attended Union Lyman Elementary. Mrs. Barzee always made me feel important. She loved me and helped me find my strengths. She was calm and reassuring. I became a teacher because of Ellen and currently teach in the Madison School District.
Benson Bruce He coached me through three years of speech and debate. Mr. Benson helped me to improve my skills when it came to public speaking, communications, and argumentation. He really has helped me not only to find out what skills I have, but what I can do to further advance them.
Benson Bruce Mr. Benson has enabled me to grow through facilitating the MHS Debate team. Without his hard work and dedication, many students, myself included, would never have the opportunity to learn the communication and argumentative skills that debate provides.
Benson Bruce Mr. Benson’s devotion to his students and their success is inspiring. He helped me become a better leader and debater by giving me opportunities to learn. He was always willing to help and he did everything he could to give everyone a fair opportunity. His dedication taught me what it meant to be a true leader and helped me become a better person.
Berry Preston Self- discipline and encouragement
Bigler Lenore Mrs Bigler showed me that writing can be fun and that I could do it. She encouraged creative thinking. She loved her subject and instilled that love in me, too.
Bigler Mrs. I was able to work in the library with Mrs. Bigler, and she was very kind and dedicated. She would send us on errands, knowing that she could trust us to do just what she needed done. She was over the school newspaper, and she taught us how to format that and was very patient with us.
Bigler Lenore She cared so very much about her students. She taught us to feel worthwhile and value the individual that we are. We always felt good being around her.

Bigler Norvil Mr. Bigler was one of a kind! He was smart, funny and to some a little scary. I enjoyed his class immensely. One of my memories is getting to read the role of Lady Macbeth as we studied Macbeth. He loved Shakespeare and taught it well!!
Blaser Roland Mr. Blaser communicated effectively and explained Trigonometry in a very understandable way. He was friendly and always respectful. My interactions with him both in High School and for many years after were always motivating and encouraging. I wanted to be a better person because of his example.
Boice Robert Mr. Boice was very influential on me especially related to continuing my education. He encouraged me to get a college degree. Even though I got married and had kids after high school, I never forgot the counsel he gave to me to get an education. I always kept education in the back of my mind. I thank him for instilling that drive in me during my high school years. Today, I have a doctorate degree.

He was hard working, dedicated, patience, optimistic, encouraging. He was a great teacher and mentor to me during very influential years in my life. We laughed and joked a lot too.
Boice Bob I will be nominating Bob Boice along with Jim Lamph. They were the best coaching team you will ever see. They taught me so much more than how to play volleyball. They taught me how to work hard, be a team player, and how to push myself farther than I thought possible. They took the quiet, tall, gangly young woman that I was, and set me off into the world with confidence. They gave, endless, unpaid hours to help train, teach, and coach their teams. They were examples on and off the court. I see them today and walk a little taller, and want to be a little better.
Bowman Scott Mr. Bowman lives in Ashton, but he drives every day to Rexburg to teach in the Madison School District. He has the perfect balance of being loving, but firm with his students. He exposes his students to the guitar and the ukulele in his class. After a full day of teaching fourth graders, he gets in the Drivers Ed car, and puts his life in the hands of 14 year old student drivers. He has taught several of my children, and they all appreciate and respect him.
Call Ron He inspired me to pursue my dream, and he gave me the knowledge to do so. He made High School bearable in the worst times of my life, and was always there for me. He made school fun
Call Ron He’s LIT!
Call Ron He inspired the class and he made the projects and class work very interesting, educational and fun.
Catmull, Arabell She encouraged me to think about what I was reading!
Catmul Arabell She taught throughout High School and followed our class till we graduated. She always made you feel important.
Catmull Arabell I had Mrs. Catmull for four years. I learned how sentences are constructed, how to read analytically, and how to express myself in sensible sentences. My success in higher education was largely due to that training I received from her.
Catmull Arabella I memorized several poems (which I can still recite) she encouraged us to memorize. She had a style which I tried to emulate in my 31 years of teaching to bring out the best in all her students. She had a firm and quiet style, and always had control of her classes. She taught me in 3 or 4 grades, moving on to Ricks College.
Catmull Arabelle We would like to submit the name of Arabel Parkinson Catmull as our outstanding teacher of Madison County. Mrs. Catmull was our English teacher at Madison Junior High, Madison High School and later at Ricks College.
This history was taken from The Rexburg Booklore Club book written by Lowell J. Parkinson and unfortunately Mrs. Catmull died two months before the book was published. Sadly she didn’t get to see that one of her students was listening to her and received great benefit from what she taught.
She was born April 28, 1911, a daughter of Albert Hobbs Parkinson and Ella Eveline Monson. She grew up in Franklin, Idaho, a small town located immediately north of the Utah border. Franklin had the distinction of being the first permanent settlement in Idaho. Each year a celebration was held there on the 15th of June in honor of that distinction. She recalled that she remembered those celebrations vividly.
She was one of eight children who shared the joys of a large family. She was taught and learned the meaning of love, the sharing of work and responsibilities, development and teachings of the gospel, and many values and principles of truth and honesty.
While attending the University of Idaho in Moscow, she met her husband-to-be. Two years later in 1936 they were married in the Salt Lake Temple and they had three daughters: DeAnne Walker, Joan Hansen and Merrie Wood. She was blessed with many grandchildren and great-grandchildren prior to her death.
Arabel stated that meeting and marrying George Catmull had to be the high point in her life. Their common interests brought them so much happiness and they shared their togetherness. Education, and the pursuit of it was one of their common goals. Involvement in teaching and administration of schools was a focal point in their lives. Mrs. Catmull taught five years before she was married. After her marriage and through the years of taking care of her family, she returned to teaching. She taught in the elementary schools for twelve years, junior high for three, high school for two; and the climax she said was teaching at Ricks College for thirteen years.
She became a member of the Book Lore Club in 1954 because she had a love of books and enjoyed the association with her friends that were members of this club. She tried to improve herself by reading good books.
Catmull Arabel Mrs. Catmull started with our class when we were sophomores at Madison. She pretty much moved with us every year. And she also moved to Ricks College when we went there. I had the privilege of being her student assistant our second year at Ricks and she was an advisor to the LDS club I was in–Kappa Omega. She always cared about her students and I think she had a special place in her heart for Madison’s Class of 1965! I learned so much from her and she was also my friend! (This would only allow 1 school choice but she should be nominated for both Madison High School and Ricks)
Cichos Trent LEGEND. Is the greatest guy and coach that I have ever met in my life. Was great spending my last year with him. He did so much for the golf team and the school. He took so much time out of his life for us and us as the golf team are truly thankful for that.
Dalling Val He took care of me when i broke my collarbone in his PE class.
Dalling Val Coach Dalling became a good friend while he was my football coach in high school, but continued to influence my life for the rest of his life. He was almost bigger than life in my eyes, but when he called me by name and treated me like a friend, I felt I was worth something and always wanted to be my best because of his influence.
David Hinck Instilled in me a love of music and beautiful art, and habits of kindness, practicality and professionalism.
Davis Both Wayne & Bertie Davis. They lived in Hibbard They were both just so kind. She made my shy little 4th grade self to feel important and He made me think!
Davis Wayne He cared
Davis Birdie
Decker Science has always been horrible subject for me but with Mrs. Decker I understood and I felt like I could make sense of the world. She was always so patient, and so willing to help. She had a way of making the lessons apply in a way I had never known before so I personally learned a lot from her.
Decker Shauna Mrs. Decker cares about all her students just not one. she helps you understand the subject clearly. Shauna likes to have fun as well, her perspective is that she does various activity for those who learn differently than others do.
Duque Larry Larry Duque is my tennis coach. Words can’t describe the difference he has made in my life. I can be a very shy person and not really put myself out there. But coach has changed that. I have more friends then I have ever had because of tennis. He has helped me grow to be a better person and tennis player. He always tells us quote” What’s my job as a coach… (we answer back) to love us…What’s your job as a team…(we answer back) to love each other” end quote. The tennis team has become my family. I am so thankful for the coach Duque and all he has done for me!
Durfee Ryan Mr. Durfee was the first teacher that taught me how to love learning.
Durfee Ryan He taught me how to have fun while learning. For example, we learned how a hippopotamus poops whilst learning about the 13 original colonies. He is my favorite teacher I’ve ever had. He worked really hard to make sure we had a fun time AND learned a lot. That year I got a perfect score on the Math ISAT.
Durfee Ryan The best teacher I have ever had is Mr. Durfee. He had blessed my life in many ways. Math has always been a struggle for me. I thought I wasn’t smart, but he fixed that. Mr. Durfee told me that we all have different strengths and it is okay to make mistakes. He sacrificed his time so he could teach me how to have a growth mindset and be positive. He demonstrates a positive attitude by making my classmates and I laugh. This was the best school year of my life because of my teacher, Mr. Durfee. I appreciate him.
Fujimoto Shiro He just simplified math and made it understandable for me. I was in more advanced math then most people in my grade so my math class was full of older kids that I didn’t know. During this time I was kind of struggling to make friends and so I wasn’t a huge fan of going to school. Mr. Fujimoto made me feel welcome and I often spent my mornings before school in his class just talking and getting help with math. He was there for me and helped me want to come to school. It was a big help during that time.
Fujimoto Shiro Mr Fujimoto was instrumental in helping youth learn and enjoy math. He was engaging in class with the students. Being also a coach his classroom approach was similar in coaching students to expand their minds.
Gray Joanne Miss Gray positively impacted thousands of lives during her tenure at Madison High School. Not only did she teach the invaluable skill of typing (even though we didn’t know how vital it was going to be), but she was always a listening ear, a life cheerleader, and a positive role model. I implement the business skills she taught me every single day as I run my own consulting company and work for others. I know I am not alone in my appreciation of Miss Gray.
Green then to Haberlie Frauline Mrs. Green made learning German fun. She was a friend and a teacher.
Grover Wayne I didn’t do well in Mathematics–probably deserved a F grade. But Mr. Grover believed in me, saw that I understood the concepts but couldn’t do well in testing situations, and therefore gave me a C grade because I knew the stuff. Seeing deeper than a score book is what made him a teacher who made a difference in my life.
Haeberle James He gave me a reason to care about history and how it is necessary to be informed in this particular dimension.
Hagge Ryan Mr. Hagge was a great teacher. He continuously taught depth of the subject we were learning. Mr. Hagge also didn’t like the way students were graded, he thought because the school sets Fs at 60% and passing at top 40% the class is up against you. If you get a 0 you should be able to do an assignment and get a 100 to cancel it out but with the current system the 0 is heavier than the 100. That is just one thing that impressed me about his attitude to care for his students. Mr. Hagge was also impressive in other ways, he was a volunteer fire fighter, a father, a great teacher, and a entrepreneur. Mr. Hagge has a very successful life because of all his hard work and it shows in his classroom. he cares that us students learn something worthwhile.
Hansen Rick Mr. Rick Hansen is an extremely talented musician. He has a huge passion for music. He has taught thousands of students in 43 years and blessed countless lives. He has provided Rexburg with an amazing orchestra program.
Hansen Rick Mr. Hansen taught me how to love music. without him, I wouldn’t be where I am today. music has helped me express my feelings more, sing better, calm down from anxiety attacks, and so much more. I am very grateful Mr. Hansen has taken the time to help me throughout my Jr High and High School life.
Hansen Rick I started playing cello in fifth grade, and Mr. Hansen gave me motivation to become the best musician I can be. His class helped me develop my musicianship, and I learned new things about music every day. I developed valuable leadership skills by leading the cello section through challenging parts and helping them with other passages. Orchestra is a daily class, and having that opportunity to play my cello so often is a valuable experience that can’t be replicated anywhere else. By participating in orchestra, all other facets of my life have improved monumentally because of it.
Hawkins Coach I was on the first team that Coach Hawkins coached at Madison. During my junior and senior years, I played on his basketball teams. Many of the lessons I learned in practices and games from Coach Hawkins have stayed with me over the years. I am now a father of nine children and successful businessman–where I apply many of these same lessons in my life. Thank YOU, Coach Hawkins.
Hawkins Coach 2nd most influential person in my life.
Hinck David Holds students to high expectations and expands their world views through exposure to phenomenal music, trips, and world class directing.
Holman Norman Coach Holman was legendary in coaching sports at Madison. He was my football coach and gave me the opportunity to show that I could qualify as a starter for the team, and had confidence in me throughout all of my football playing years. He was a good friend for the rest of my life.
Holman Garth Mr. Holman was a good friend in and out of the classroom. He taught me how to type–which I use everyday in my life. But he also would play tennis with me after school. He always beat, but it made me feel like he valued me as a person. Someday I hope I can beat him in Heaven!
Holman Norm Coach Holman provided needed mentoring in my athletic endeavors and graciously wrote me a letter of recommendation to help me get into college. He helped me when I needed it most and to this day, I am touched by his interest in my life and his willingness to help me when I needed help.
Holverson Don The guy was a great person and teacher. He never put up with crap and knew how to control the classroom environment.
Ingram Lucas He has tought me about the importance each life is in this world. Every person makes a difference no matter how big or small that person may be. He has also tought me that I can do hard things.
Ingram Lucas Mr. Ingram gave me the cherished gift of understanding the nature of this country and roles of its many men and women. Mr. Ingram loved teaching, learning, and understanding the complexities of history to inspire us to understand what our present has to offer. He taught me how to analyze historical events so I can now understand what happens today in a way I never could have before. I owe, in part, my thirst for greater learning to him and for that I’m very grateful. My entire paradigm shifted into a new way that has blessed my life since.
Jim Lamph I will be nominating Jim Lamph along with Bob Boice. They were the best coaching team you will ever see. They taught me so much more than how to play volleyball. They taught me how to work hard, be a team player, and how to push myself farther than I thought possible. They took the quiet, tall, gangly young woman that I was, and set me off into the world with confidence. They gave, endless, unpaid hours to help train, teach, and coach their teams. They were examples on and off the court. I see them today and walk a little taller, and want to be a little better.
Jones Kevin Through his hard work, AP classes have been integrated into Madison High School, allowing me to get out of several college courses. He made it possible for me to take AP tests regardless of my limitations.
Klassen Bradee I don’t always love school, but he always finds ways to make me pay attention and help me learn in his class
Klassen Bradee Mr. Klassen is an interesting teacher who cares about the subject he teaches and also cares about all different types of students to make them feel valued.
Klingler Steve He taught me to love band and he introduced me to marching band where I met some of my closest friends.
Klingler Steven He made me feel like I had so much potential and it made me want to be a better musician. He was always positive and happy which was awesome! He was always encouraging and loving!
Kunz Belinda Mrs. Kunz taught me to work hard and manage my time. There were almost always assignments to do in class and if you managed your time and worked hard you could finish in class. She showed me how important hard work was.
Kunz Belinda She always helped me to really understand the subject, and she was always so willing to help me. She helped me to really enjoy school, and I knew she’d would always be there if I needed to talk about school or sports or anything else! She was an amazing teacher, and an amazing teacher!!
Lambson Zachary He was very helpful to me when i started to have medical problems. He was willing to help me with anything i needed and he was always very concerned about how i was doing. Mr. Lambson really was one of the only reason i was able to make it through my junior year.
Lambson Zachary Mr Lambson made a difference in my life because he always pushed me to do my best and think for myself. He always made me feel heard and he always told me that my opinion matters and it’s important. Mr. Lambson makes all of his student feel important and he teaches us to be adults who think for themselves. He always reaches out to us students even if they are no longer in his class. He has definitely influenced me and made me love school because I feel important and heard because he cares and he puts a hundred and fifty percent into everything he does.
Leatham Amy She teaches in a way that students understand. If a student doesn’t understand, she will teach it in a different way u til the student can do it on their own. She always knows if one of her students is going through something hard, and makes an effort to help them get through it.
Leatham Amy Mrs. Leatham is willing to help her students in any way she can and makes her classroom a welcoming place.
Leatham Amy She was always so nice and happy. She made the class enjoyable and involved everyone
Leatham Amy Mrs. Leatham was my teacher on the morning of 9/11 and she helped the class not only learn about what was happening but helped to calm our fears and not feel like we were alone in that terrible day.
LeFevre Mr. Lefevre made a difference in my life because he told me what I needed to hear, even though it was hard. I preferred (and still prefer sometimes) to goof around or “be funny” instead of doing what I should. I was being disruptive and after multiple warnings he took me aside and made a comment about my lack of maturity. Now, I look back on that and try harder to take life seriously and try to judge the time and place for jokes.
Lewies Julie Mrs Lewies was more than a teacher, she was caring and thoughtful and inspiring. She took the time to get to know her students and encouraged us to think for ourselves. I took every class she offered because she made her subjects come to life with a gentle, thoughtful approach. I felt so loved by Mrs Lewies and looked forward to her class everyday no matter what difficulties I might be facing in other aspects of my life. I feel like she broaden my perspective and made me feel important.
Magleby-Wilson Shirlene Shirlene not only taught business, but taught life lessons. She took a special interest in her students and at times was a counselor to each of them. She was also the director of the junior miss program for years and coached hundreds of young women on how to be your best self. Her charm schools taught skills I still use every day. Shirlene will always be remembered by me as an amazing teacher, mentor, role model and friend.
Meyers Stephen Mr. Meyers made sure that class wasn’t just a “shop” class with an easy grade. He involved each student, and taught us principles that would impact our futures. He was friendly to all, fair, and tough when he needed to be. On a extracurricular Student Trip to a district competition, Mr. Meyers ensured all students acted appropriately and were an example to other schools. Thank you Mr. Meyers for making a difference.
Miller Camille She made English not horrible.
Miller Camille She helped me understand grammar better. She made class fun by always doing activities that got you involved. Mrs. Miller made me begin to love reading, she has always been a positive source when it comes to reading.
Miller Camille She taught me to work hard and to love English. Miller showed so much spunk and fun in our class that made it a happy place to learn. She always looked happy to be there and to be with us. I got through that class with an excellent understanding of what was taught and still had fun along the way.
Miller Camille Always knew when it was time to have fun and time to be serious. Learned a lot in her class.
Moon She taught me how to read!
Moon Hilda ( I think) She is the only teacher that I remember that really made me want to learn. She had me reading book after book and I think she had the same effect on the other students. She by far and away was my favorite teacher.
Moore Corey He showed me how to access my talents and use them to my advantage in schooling. I was never good at research reports and I asked if I could write my final project report as a narrative essay. He gave me an adapted list of guidelines of material that would need to be included in the narrative and then gave me free rage to creatively express myself. The project laid the foundations for a novel I later went on to write and am currently beginning to publish.
Morales Art He has taught me and the other baseball players so much not just during high school but before that when he coached our travel team. He is one of the nicest guys you will ever meet and will always care about you and helping make you into the best person you can be.
Mumm Justin The guy is a legend.
North Dan He helped enrich and deepen my understanding for music. He inspired me to portray feelings, emotions, and messages that cannot be expressed in any other way except through music. He taught more than just music though. He taught unity, teamwork, determination, and so many other great skills for band and for life. I cannot thank him enough!
North Dan There is too much to put into words. Suffice it to say that I might not be here if it wasn’t for him.
North Dan He taught me that there’s always room for improvement in everything you do. He taught me to connect to the songs to deliver it to the audience. He’s one of my greatest hero’s.
North Dan He taught me to view the world and connect with those around me, and to work hard.
North Dan Discipline, excellence, confidence, acceptance. Also puns and bad jokes.
North Dan He was always willing to listen to me and help me with any problems I had. He was never too busy to talk to me or help me. He was like another dad to me and just helped me feel worthwhile!
North Dan
Nykamp Brittany She actually made math enjoyable, and you can tell by the way she teaches that she loves what she does.
Nykamp Mrs. Nykamp is an outstanding teacher. She has an amazing talent to teach math to her students in a way that helps them understand it and love it. Not only that, she is always so kind to her students. I honestly don’t know how she does it, but all of her classes give her respect from the first day. I suspect it’s because the students can feel how she cares for them so they return that feeling. Overall, she is an amazing teacher that has motivated me to be like her: kind, compassionate, and loving. Thank you Mrs. Nykamp for all you do.
Palmer Gene I just remember him being fun and making science interesting. AND…. we got to dissect worms and frogs!.
Palmer Gene Mr. Palmer helped me enjoy studying Chemistry. That interest led me to considering a major in Chemistry in College. He endured teaching our class in spite of suffering a serious injury and the necessary rehabilitation from surgery. He continued to befriend me and encourage me long after my high school graduation.
Palmer Gene I loved his Biology class as a Jr. One day I asked him what careers you could launch with Biology. He suggested I look into Medical Technology. I did and went for it. He was funny and a good friend to all. His love of skiing also rubbed off on a lot of us!
Pancheri Matt Talked me up to ISU and got me a full ride
Pancherri Matt He taught me to be positive and helped me with my sport.
Parker Paul Paul Parker made a difference because you always told me that I could do anything I set my mind too. When I would struggle with aspects of the language, he would remind me of what I did know and then help me understand the new concept. Profe Parker cared about me as a person and would let my sarcasm be part of the class, which relieved a lot of stress because I could simply be myself. Paul Parker knew Spanish like the back of his hand and really challenged his students by enveloping them in the language. I learned so much about the Spanish language and what a good teacher should be like by the example of Prof. Parker.
Parkinson Bradley Mr Parkinson changed my life by volunteering to coach the club tennis team. He allowed me to learn on the fly as a freshman and as a result I played in the state tournament 3 times. I know his influence was felt many years after I graduated in 1994 as the tennis complex came to life in the future. Thanks Brad for teaching me a lifetime game.
Parkinson Marie I learned an appreciation for living a healthy lifestyle which I have maintained for the 30 years since. I learned about the importance of health and exercise and the benefits of staying healthy and active. I exercise daily and eat healthy and it has kept me in perfect shape and mentally strong.
Parkinson Gary I was so lucky to have Gary Parkinson as a basketball coach in High School. He taught us that even though we are on the basketball court we should still act like a woman. We were taught to dress modestly and play with class. He knew the game of basketball and was able to use the different talents on the team to make the best team possible, as a result winning a handful of State Championships.
Phillips Travis Mr. Phillips reached out to every student and made every person in the class feel important.
Phillips Travis Mr. Phillips made a difference in my life because he was not only a great teacher, but an amazing friend. He also taught me more than just the school curriculum, he taught me life lessons.
Phillips Travis His Anat. and Phys. class was my favorite class throughout high school. I have never enjoyed learning about a subject in school so much. he knows his stuff.
Pitsenbarger David He didn’t just teach the lessons, he taught us about life. How not to remake the same decisions, mistakes as made in past.
pittsenbarger He connected with all of his students and he made the effort to get to know you:)
Prescott Larry (Mr. Prescott passed away October 29, 2017)
I remember my sophomore year you were just the photo teacher that sold pop in his room. Then when you became the yearbook advisor, my junior year, you taught me so many things about others and myself. You taught me how to see a picture differently, but more importantly you showed me how to see people differently. You tried to show me how to love people and be kind to them no matter how they acted or how you perceived them. You always cared about each one of your students. Your room was a safe place for students to come and be themselves.
As a yearbook advisor, you encouraged us to tell our story. You wanted to make sure that every one’s voices were heard. At yearbook camp, in the summer of 2016 when we started work on the 2017 yearbook, you wanted to make sure the yearbook focused on everyday moments and how we only have NOW. You had full faith in us, to make the book ours, but we always knew that you were there for us.
Thank you for teaching me how to take a picture and design a spread, but most importantly how to be a good person. Thank you for supporting me and being my friend and mentor. You had a great influence on my life. Without you I wouldn’t be the person I am today. You will never be forgotten.



Reese Darla Mrs. Reese was an amazing teacher who truly cared about her students and helped them learn. I remember loving her science activities and making my own books in her class. She really helped me to love learning! I will always remember her kindness and her zest for life and learning!
Reeser David Mr. Reeser helped me develop a love for human rights and how to recognize when they are being taken advantage of.
Reeser David He was enthusiastic about the classes, which made you love them too. He showed me the things that really matter in this life and how we can be active citizens in changing the world.
Reeser David He was passionate about what he taught us, and I knew it was important to him, so it became important to me.
Reeser Dave Mr. Reeser was by far my favorite teacher of all my time in school. He never failed to make our class laugh, but he also really encouraged and helped in progressing my passion for politics. He is so intelligent and definitely one of the finest teachers at Madison High School. He always made government fun, which is a feat not many are successful at. He has made an influence in my life and I’m forever grateful to him.
Reeser David Mr. Reeser instilled in me a love of learning and a sense of duty to use my education to help others. His Holocaust class helped me understand the course of history and how to recognize when I need to stand up for others. Through his love of learning and desire to help others find that love as well, he encouraged me to grow and expand my knowledge so I could traverse this world knowing how to help others. He taught me how to guard myself against intolerance and recognize the complexity of government but also its potential for the benefit of those less fortunate than I. Through this, I have become more analytical and knowledgeable about my place in society and the role I can play with the responsibility I take.
Ricks Vernon Mr. Ricks was a friend and authentic personality–as well as an excellent teacher. He helped us loved his subject matter and supported us as the adviser to the Arsto-Vers Club–the men’s service club.
Ricks Rylan He showed me that any subject can be fun if you are willing to learn and approach it the right way. He made me feel like I could do any math problem.
Ricks his wife babysat me when i was a child, and his kindness really helped me in more ways than one during the few years that I studied under him
Ricks Rylan He was always very friendly and nice. He wanted to help us learn. He noticed if we didn’t seem to be okay. He cared about his students.
Ricks Mr. From dancing on the desks to sharing orange sticks, Mr. Ricks made math seem anything but boring. Because of him, I am a high school math teacher, though I don’t dance on my desk ;]
Ricks Vernon Mr. Ricks was one of my favorite teachers–he became a friend and an exciting teacher through his passion for Orange Sticks, his adviser role over the Aristo Vers, and his sparking an interest in science in me that lingered for years and years. He was a role model and friend in and out of the classroom.
Robison Perry
Ryan Snelgrove Snelgrove helped me develop a understanding of all the students that go to our school. He is the best teacher ever!
Smith Karen Karen Smith was one of my most beloved teachers because she made learning come alive for me. She had a great love for her students and made each one feel important. Elementary school teachers have a very thankless job, but I will always remember her cheerful attitude and fun way of teaching.
Snelgrove Ryan He has such a great style of teaching that really sinks down and leaves a really strong impression that lasts. He is very involved and does a very great job of following through with what he promises to do.
Snelgrove Ryan He makes me feel intelligent in his class, his class is fun but also educational. AP Lit has been a blast with his understand of my problems that arise frequently.
Snelgrove Ryan This teacher has taught me so much in every class that I have had with him. He is funny and smart and works hard to provide an ideal learning environment for his class.
Snelgrove Ryan I got sick one year, sick enough that I was worried about what my future would look like, and whether or not I would have one at all. Mr. Snelgrove helped me feel welcome when others wouldn’t, and I’m so grateful that he did because without him I don’t know where or if I would be here today.
Snelgrove Ryan Mr. Snelgrove made a significant impact on my life when I first started high school. His charisma and enthusiasm for the subjects he teaches has transferred to me and many of the other students in his classes. Snelgrove taught me how to appreciate and analyze literature, and eventually gave me the tools to create works on my own.
Snelgrove Ryan One of the things that stands out the most in my mind is when he had a student teacher. The student teacher was really difficult to get along with and was my least favorite teacher I have ever had. Mr. Snelgrove was able to work with this difficult situation masterfully. He treated the student teacher with respect and was able to clarify and teach us in a way that did not make the student teacher feel like an idiot. Mr. Snelgrove also showed that student teacher how to teach without coming out and saying how awful they were. It was a great lesson to me to see this skillful demonstration of working with people that we do not always see eye to eye with. I now have a better understanding, not only of the English concepts we learned, but how to work with others. Thanks to Mr. Snelgrove
Snelgrove Ryan Is one of the funniest teachers I have ever had. Always made class fun, but made sure that you learned something.
Snelgrove Ryan Mr. Snelgrove helped me understand and cherish literature. He also taught me how I can analyze and write in a cohesive and powerful way. His enthusiasm and wisdom helped me grow in my education. I’m indebted to what he taught me because it helped me choose what to pursue in College and where to go with my life. I love to read and write due to his influence and I’m very grateful for the path he sent me on.
Terry Coach Created curiosity into civic affairs and also remained a great example of fitness.
Thomason Bonnie I learned so many things from Mrs. Thomason 🙂 She taught me to love learning, how to be organized, and to be confident in my abilities. Most importantly, Mrs. Thomason taught and lived by the motto “It’s nice to be important, but it’s more important to be nice.” It’s been nearly 15 years since I sat in Mrs. Thomason’s classroom, but this lesson that still influences my daily life. Knowing that the challenges or triumphs I face in my life mean nothing if I am not a good and kind person, motivates me to be a harder worker, a more loyal friend, and a better version of myself. Thank you Mrs. T!
Walters Jennifer She came into the program in a really tough spot. Our previous teacher, Larry Prescott, passed away very suddenly. Yet she came in with a smile every day even though we were stubborn students and didn’t want to learn anything after such a tragic situation. I know she helped me get on my feet again and relight my love for photography. She even helped me figure out what I want to do in the future. She truly is an amazing teacher.
Wilcox Judy This was the year my parents got a divorce and Mrs. Wilcox was there for me. Since my mom had left, she stepped up and helped me with things that normally a mother would. I felt like she kind of took me under her wing! I also remember her sticking up for me wheb kids were teasing me about something. She made me feel loved during a rather tough year!!
Wilde Mrs. First grade seems like forever ago for me but Mrs Wilde has continued to affect my life even now that I’m finishing my junior year. I always loved her class and the way she taught. She’s loving and fun, but also kept us in line. Her class was so fun, we learned about how to tell if a chicken egg is fertilized and we even hatched chicks and took care of them. We also raised butterflies that we set free in the spring. Such a great teacher!
Wilson George There for his students not just during class. He made learning fun and really got to know us
Wolfe Laurene She taught more than just the class. She taught life lessons and a different view on the world. I love her
Woolf Laurene She made me feel like government is something I can not only understand, I can make a difference in it.
Woolf Laurene She taught me more about the world I live in but also made it fun for me.
Woolf Laurene She instilled confidence in me! I played sports with her son for years but she gave me more than athletic encouragement she made learning fun and she was always ultra-prepared and engaging! She helped me realize that I was plenty smart for law school (which I later completed by the way!!)


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